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• Continuous, manual and vacuum High Pressure Molding (HPM): foamed Polyethylene thermoforming (hot material cold molding)

• Thermal Pressure Molding (TPM): foamed Polyurethane thermoforming (cold material hot molding)

• CAD/CAM cutting of plastic, foamed and woven materials. The automatic cutting table is equipped with:
Sectioned suction device to assure improved leather locking.
Shape projection on materials: the cutting surface is enlightened by a DLP projector for a better view of shapes. The original and exclusive projection geometry enables the operator to closely evaluate the leather without obstructing any projection.
Reliable and easily replaceable multitool cutting head, designed for an easy and quick maintenance. It is equipped with five tools: Vibrating knife, Pen, Punch, Two drills
Automatic shape nesting and nesting outside the machine

• A Flame lamination and transfer lamination with inline embossing: two flame laminating machines

• High Frequency cutting and welding

• HDPE/LDPE extrusion/compounding (twin-screw extruder with water cooling strand)

• Manual and automatic Cutting/Die-cutting

• Labeling, customization with heat transfer machines

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