ET s.r.l. was set up in 1998 by Marco and Stefano Rossetti. Their experience dates back to Espansotecnica, a company established by Bayer and specialising in Polyurethane and cross-linked Polyethylene industrial process, still owner of the relevant patent. In a few years ET srl enhanced its activity thus thriving among the main companies in this sector. Nowadays ET srl – thanks to its advanced plastic processing technology – is considered the ideal partner by several companies producing high quality items in different sectors, such as clothing, furniture, suitcases, sports and free time, shoes, packaging, automotive, childcare products, sports and protective devices, HVAC etc.Its wide experience makes ET srl able to satisfy most market needs with a flexible and extensive offer. Thanks to its own specialized laboratory, ET srl develops items starting from a prototype or an idea thus producing either high end or limited series products for Italian or foreign clients.Moreover, its strong commitment to research made ET srl develop a patented system to produce thermoformed cavity shells for insulation purposes

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