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Ancora 01

• Continuous, manual and vacuum High Pressure Molding (HPM)

• Thermal Pressure Molding (TPM)

• CAD/CAM cutting of plastic, foamed and woven materials

• Flame lamination and transfer lamination with inline embossing: two flame laminating machines

• High Frequency cutting and welding

• HDPE/LDPE extrusion/compounding (twin-screw extruder with water cooling strand)

• Manual and automatic Cutting/Die-cutting

• Labelling, customization with heat transfer machines





With more than 30 years of experience we are the link between companies operating in different markets and innovative technical solutions in the design and manufacturing of expanded plastics. We produce a wide range of products for the major markets: from sports caps to luggage, from accident prevention to early childhood, from helmets (motorcycle, cycle, etc.) to the medical sector. We are specialized in thermoforming, laminating, die cutting, stamping and our expertise can shape all your products and customize them with logos and labels. Recently we have specialized as well in the hevac sector carrying out protective shells to cover refrigeration systems or pumps, pipes, etc. with our own personal patent for shell cavity system. Our mission and payoff is “We shape your ideas”. We start from a simple prototype or a customer idea and we develop a product that stands out for its quality and competitiveness.

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Via Vecchia Fornace, 9 - 24050 Bariano (Bg) - ITALY

tel. +39 0363 941227

fax +39 0363 941215

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